Sunday, July 5, 2009

100 Bible Stories; 100 Bible Songs

100 Bible Stories 100 Bible Songs created by Stephen Elkins and illustrated by Tim O'Connor is an excellent devotional book for kids. Each story has a song that goes along with or compliments the story. I think this is an excellent idea. When I first got this book and cd's, I thought they were just 100 stories and 100 songs. But each story lists the song that goes along with it. Songs are a great teaching tool and helps us all remember things. By listening to the songs that go along with the Bible story, I think that hearing the song again will bring back the memory the story from the Bible as well.

Another feature of this devotional book that I love, is that it lists the references from the Bible where each story is from. It also gives a sentence of the theme of the story, and one to recap how that theme was shown in the story. There is also a personal application at the end. 

Each story can be read independently and are a great length to hold the attention of children of any age. But they also are great if you read them several at a time. They follow along and read like a story. 

The Bible stories that they have are common Bible stories as well as some that I have not found in any other devotional book for children. They go from Genesis through Revelation covering many stories. If you have young children and a desire to raise them to learn and love God's word, this is a good tool to have. I highly recommend this book.

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