Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Pure Foundations Series by Jim Burns

I was given the chance to review 2 books by Jim Burns in the Pure Foundations Series: God Made Your Body (ages 3-5) and How God Makes Babies (ages 6-9). The books were very......detailed. My daughter is 4 and I thought I could read the first book to her, but after reading them first, I've decided that she'll have to be older before I read it to her. They talk about body parts including the private ones.

With that being said, I still think they were good books, just not necessarily for the ages that they were listed for. I am glad I have to books as a resource for when she starts asking questions about sex and the differences between boys and girls. But since she doesn't care about that yet and hasn't asked any questions, these books are going to be put away until that time comes.

I thought they covered the material well. And I think it's good for kids to know the proper names of body parts, but again, I don't think they need to know too early.

If you have young children, these books may be a good resource to help with "the talk" as they get older. But it's important to use your own discretion to determine when it's appropriate to read them to your child.

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